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Pool Repair and Replacement – Not As Difficult As You Think

Pool Repair: How to Do It Yourself is the number one question asked by homeowners who own above ground or in-ground pools. Here’s a look at some common swimming pool problems, how they can be fixed easily by yourself, and the DIY tips for avoiding costly repairs. It’s important to note that if you are having issues with your pool that you should call your pool professional for advice. The professionals will know the best solutions to avoid draining the pool. Here are a few of the more common pool problems that have seen:

Cracks often occur in the brick walls of inground pools and are most often spotted in climates with less erratic outdoor weather patterns. But this kind of problem does occur from time to time and may need to be repaired and properly resurfaced for improved durability. If a crack appears in your pool liner, it’s imperative that you remove the liner before doing any pool repair. This is because the pool liner is the only part of the pool that will bear the impact of rain and sun and deteriorating conditions. Otherwise, you may end up with a pool leak.

Most companies charge a standard fee per hour for pool repairs, and this may vary according to the location of where the call is placed. Some companies charge an hourly rate plus twenty percent of the total repair estimate. In other words, if you call them and say your pool needs a repair estimate of $1000, they will charge you ten dollars for the hour of work. This is standard industry practice.

One common pool repair service that people often don’t think to ask is if the company will cover the cost of installing a new vinyl liner. Sometimes people assume that since their leak is in the vinyl liner, a new vinyl liner is necessary. This isn’t always true. In fact, older vinyl liners were never designed to be leak-proof. Many of these old liners are prone to settling and holding water in them and cause pool leaks.

A newer version of a vinyl liner is more leak-proof and this is why the newer generation is becoming very popular with pool owners. These liners are called “intrinsically sound” because they can prevent a leak even if there is a hole in the shell. The most popular brands are Fromageries-Drylands, Eheim, and Ironstone. These brands will also fit all sizes of pools and can even be custom sized to fit your particular pool.

When choosing a swimming pool liner, you’ll find that there are two basic types – either a floating or a protective shield. A floating pool liner is one that floats on the surface of the pool and is secured to the inner liner with pressure points and seams. This type of pool is very attractive and can be made to look just like a natural pool. The protective shield type floats on the inner layer of the pool and also has seams and pressure points which help to ensure no leaks occur. These protectors also vary in thickness and material and can cost quite a bit depending on brand and manufacturer.

Another important topic for many homeowners is in regards to heater repairs and replacements. Many people don’t realize that even though they have a separate heating system in place, it might be damaged or ineffective. If the water in the pool is too hot, the thermostat stops functioning correctly and the water begins to boil. If it’s colder outside, the thermostat won’t shut off because it thinks the pool water is warm enough. Obviously, both of these issues require a professional to perform correctly.

Pool repairs and replacements don’t have to be costly or complicated. A simple repair might be as easy as changing a vinyl liner instead of repairing the pipes or jets. A homeowner can save money by performing both tasks at the same time rather than repairing one item at a time. A professional Pool Repairs Las Vegas will handle all your pool needs. These types of inspections are necessary and can drastically reduce pool repair costs.