A Great Farm Fall Festival

The legendary Pumpkin Festival is held every October. It is one of the country’s largest pumpkin festivals. The festival is held each October. It has been going for over 150 years.

pumpkin festival

The unique and creative Pumpkin Festival is held each October. It’s held on the second weekend in October. It is a three-day event that includes a pumpkin festival. It is not a day for the faint of heart. The rides and attractions alone may be hard to handle, but you will feel the magic of it all when you visit the place.

You can enjoy the pumpkin festival on the weekends of October 25th, October 29th, and the anniversary of the market. On the weekends prior to the festival, the streets are decorated with floats and artisans displaying their best pumpkins. Thousands of pumpkins, each hand-painted or carved for judging, line the courthouse walkway. During the festival, you will also find street performers and craft vendors selling everything from candy bars to furniture to clothing.

When the festival ends on Sunday, October 31st, you will be able to step into the renovated Main Street in downtown. The rebuilt downtown area features many shops and restaurants. The hotels are now fully furnished. And, the cobblestone intersections are clean, and there are benches in every corner of the area. The cobblestone intersections bring back much of the charm of the downtown area when the festival was first planned.

There are over twenty rides, games, and fun things to do in the downtown area during the pumpkin festival. However, if you would like to shop then you will need to go to the downtown area during the evening before the festival. There will be a variety of shops to choose from. These include artisans who display their finest pumpkins along with their wares; the popular candy and corn sellers as well as antique dealers; apparel makers, and other specialty retailers.

In addition to the attractions, the pumpkin festival is an excellent time to learn about handicraft. There are two events taking place at the same time during the festival that people of all ages can enjoy. One is the weigh-off, which is also known as the weigh-off competition. This competition is for the best amateur and professional handicrafts made during the summer months. There are categories for children’s handicrafts, senior handicrafts, and professional handicrafts.

The other event, the Music on Parade, is a family-oriented live music show. This is an all day event featuring local high school and adult rock bands. There will also be jugglers, magicians, hypnotists, bicycle racers, and more. All ages will have fun dancing to live music at the festival. It is definitely an afternoon of enjoyment as opposed to the boredom of fall!

The pumpkin festival is an exciting and educational time to be in the downtown area. You can take part in many exciting activities while enjoying the fresh produce. Plus, you can shop for unique pumpkins that you can use for decorating your yard or even as a centerpiece on your dinner table. The festival is organized by the pumpkin farmer who grows the most delicious pumpkins in the area. You can get a jump on the season by attending one of these two fun events!

The Pumpkin Festival is usually held in late September or early October, but there is always an early starter event in June or July. The date and time depend on when the warmer weather rolls back in. If you are planning to attend the pumpkin festival during the months of June, July, and August, the earliest starting time would be in June, the middle of August, and the end of August.

For those coming in late September or early October, look for the “corn maze” on Saturday and Sunday. It is located right downtown on Front Street between Front and Pine streets. Proceed through a small corn maze and turn right at the first turn-in. Enjoy the breathtaking view of downtown Burlington, Vermont, as you go through the corn maze. Bring your camera, have some bottled water, bring your friends, and start an evening of live music, food, and fun. Be sure to visit the “Corn Exchange” before you leave!

During the summer months, live music and jugglers are available for hire, and in addition to live entertainment, the Patch has a large variety of festive treats to tempt even the pickiest visitors. Make sure to visit the “Pumpkin Patch” before the end of October, as it will be packed with exciting activities all fall!