What to eat before exercise

Many tend to skip the snack before workout because they feel it will make them heavy and slow in the gym. However, you should know that, when prepared correctly, the pre-workout meal can make wonders.

First, it’s just a snack and not an entire meal. We don’t want you sleeping on the treadmill! Second, this snack will supply you with enough energy to take your exercise’s intensity to a whole new level. Got curious? Take a look below and see what you should eat before hitting the gym.



Rich in vitamins, potassium and carbs that digest quickly, bananas are nature’s power bar. The high potassium levels are great for keeping muscles functions to the optimum levels and improving nerve functions during the exercise. The best part with bananas is that potassium doesn’t stay too long in the organism so, this small boost before workout is welcome.

You can either eat a medium banana with a cup of Greek yogurt or you can spread some peanut butter on a piece of toast and add banana slices on top. Just make sure to eat with 30 minutes before workout.


Filled with fiber and vitamin B, oats are the ideal food for a pre-workout snack. The fiber content is elevated enough to help release the energy gradually into the bloodstream but not too elevated to make you gassy. Also, the Vitamin B content is great for converting carbs into energy.

It is recommended to eat one cup within 30 minutes before workout.

Fruits combined with yogurt


This is the perfect combination of carbs and proteins! The carbs in fruits break down quickly and you can use their energy for the first half of your workout. Meanwhile, the proteins in the yogurt will start to kick in so you’ll have energy until the end. You can even make this combination your breakfast!

Whole bread

If there’s nothing else around, a slice of whole bread with jam or peanut butter on top can be the perfect pre-workout snack. The topping will help with getting more energy faster while the cereals in the bread will break down slower maintaining your rhythm.

In conclusion, the food you eat 30 minutes before workout can help you be more energetic and ready for action. You don’t have to eat heavy foods and you should avoid any chocolate or sweets – these are just sugar and you won’t get more than a quick adrenaline rush from them.