Best foods for football watching

Is tonight the big night? Are you prepared to welcome your friends with great food, cold beer and a fantastic atmosphere for the game? If not, take a peak below and check out our proposals for a football night with the guys.

Chicken wings

What football fan doesn’t like chicken wings? Regardless of the fact that you order them from the closest KFC or you make them yourself, chicken wings should not be missing from your table. They are delicious and offer the perfect nutritional value so you can have the power to support your favorite team.



The second best when it comes to men watching football and screaming for their team are meatballs. Delicious, small, and packed with nutrients and proteins, meatballs are the perfect snack to put right beside the chicken wings. Keep in mind to add some toothpicks too so you won’t have to stick your hand right in the pile.

Grilled sausages

Men need their meat and some sausages go great on the grill during summer. So, if you have a grill in your backyard, don’t deprive your friends of your culinary talents. Throw some sausages on the grill and add some barbeque spices to make things more interesting. You can also add a dip on the table.

Taco, Quesadilla, and Pizza


We put them together because they’re equally delicious and equally fit for football. However, you don’t have to serve all three at once. You can start with tacos and bring the pizza during the break. However, it’s best if you order these as they are better served hot and no one wants to go check on the oven when the game is on.

Stuffed mushrooms

Regardless of the stuffing you choose, mushrooms will definitely be appreciated. They are great as a side dish to all that meat and, not to mention, extremely delicious. Just try to find medium-sized mushrooms that fit in your mouth in one bite. It’s easier to eat them this way when your focus is on the TV.

Mozzarella sticks

If pizza didn’t arrive yet, Mozzarella sticks are amazing at taming down your hunger. Add a spicy dip to the mix and you’ve got yourself a killer combination.


Big or small, chicken or turkey, egg or tuna, sandwiches are always easy to prepare and delicious to eat. You can even bring the ingredients and let your friends put together their own sandwich. It’s as simple as that!