Best nuts for your health: great for brain and heart

How often do you eat nuts? And we’re not talking about roasted peanuts. Nuts are not just healthy snacks (in raw or baked form) but also a superfood packed with high-quality nutrients and fine oils that can keep your brain and heart going strong.

There was a time when even scientists feared that the fats found in nuts may be dangerous. However, this view changed when more and more studies found that, when consumed raw, nuts are an amazing intake for our health. Of course, it’s not recommended to abuse them, but a hand full of cashews or almonds will always be a fantastic snack. Still, not all nuts are good so you shouldn’t be munching on anything that looks like them. To make things easier, below you can find a list of nuts that may help you increase your general health state.


They may be difficult to break, but the core is amazing and delicious! Walnuts are the nuts richest in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. These two fight against cellular damage and inflammation keeping you away from premature aging, heart diseases, and even cancer. As you probably already noticed, these are compounds also found in fish, so if you don’t really like fish, walnuts are the way to go.

And here’s one small secret: walnuts are known to help alleviate PMS symptoms due to manganese content.


This is one delicious nut! Besides the great taste, they are packed with fibers and Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant. They are even recommended during low-calorie diets because they can help regulate the blood sugar and thus, cravings. Almonds are also great in reducing bad cholesterol and they support gut bacteria that help increase our immune system.


Rich in zinc, magnesium, and iron, cashews are brain food. The increased level of iron helps increase cellular oxygenation and the zinc is amazing for our immune system and vision. Even more, the magnesium is great for memory and age-related brain deterioration. So, if you want to live long and prosper, cashews are the way to go.

Macadamia nuts

Rich in calories but also packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, macadamia nuts are great for lowering bad cholesterol. Still, you must pace yourself and consume them in small quantities.


Not only delicious but also low in fat, this nut is absolutely amazing for your system! First of all, you shouldn’t feel guilty that you like them so much. Pistachios are the nuts with the lowest calorie content per piece (about 4) and the best part is that you can’t eat too many. The shells force you to eat them slowly and you get full faster.

According to studies, Pistachios may help reduce lung cancer risks and they contain a form of Vitamin E that is known to fight against cancers. If this wasn’t enough, they are also packed with Vitamin B6 and potassium. This means that you’re in for a good mood while your nervous system and muscles are healthy, healthy, healthy.

Of course the list can go on as there is a wide range of nuts out there. However, make sure to read about their features before deciding to introduce them in your diet.

Diet plan of the best FIFA 16 player: Lionel Messi

We can say with complete confidence that Lionel Messi is one of the most known people on the planet. Regardless of the fact that you are a football fan or not, you heard of him from newspapers or TV news and you admired his determination and willpower.

He is quite young for his achievements and fans all over the world consider him a football god. Even more, he is the most expensive football player (which is a fantastic achievement) and he won several very important awards. So, how does one become so good at what he does? Is there a secret to his success?

Well, of course there are secrets, but the biggest of all is determination. He is very thorough with his training and he has a rigorous diet plan in check. And, since you can’t do anything without a proper diet, we will be focusing on his diet plan in the rows below.

Lionel Messi diet plan

Lionel Messi’s nutritionist created a diet plant that starts with 10 days before a football match and evolves as the event approaches.

10 days before the match

He trains the body to maximize the availability of the blood sugar by cutting down carbs. The diet is comprised of protein shakes 3 times a day and lots of water.

5 days before


To increase the oxygen intake in the blood stream, Messi will consume foods that thin the blood. For instance, he will eat vegetable soup as the first course, 3 times per day. This soup is spiced with chili powder, turmeric, ginger, and coriander.

The day before the match

Now it’s time to increase the carb and protein intake for extra energy so Messi’s meal is richer. Thus, he will eat boiled potatoes, green vegetables, chicken or fish, and fruits. This regimen will pump his muscles with power and will help repair any damage that happened during training.

6 hours before the event

That close to the game, Messi won’t eat any carbs as they slow the system down and make you sleepy. He will also stop training and invest his time in sleeping (sleep is also great for repairing any tissue damage). Since he has to eat, the regiment is made of egg whites and porridge.

90 minutes before the game


For an extra boost of energy, now is the best time for fruits! Messi will eat whatever seasonal fruits are available and have high fiber content. For example, bananas, mango, or apples are a great source of energy before workout.

As you can see, the diet is a very important aspect of an athlete’s life. You can’t have energy of high quality if you’re not introducing the right type of fuel – just like with cars.

Lionel Messi in FIFA 16

Now that we discussed his diet in real life, let’s also discuss his virtual presence. If you’re a FIFA player, you know that Lionel Messi is the best player you could get. He is also the player on the cover and an inspiration for many to start playing the game.

But, just like in real life, he is very expensive. It will take a lot of work and FIFA coins to get him on your team. However, if you’re eager to have Messi playing for you, there’s always a shorter way. Sites like Fifacoinszone offer you the possibility to increase your income in the game by buying FIFA 16 coins at an affordable price. So, if you want to buy Lionel Messi with FIFA coins you can use this fifacoinszone discount code.

Best foods for football watching

Is tonight the big night? Are you prepared to welcome your friends with great food, cold beer and a fantastic atmosphere for the game? If not, take a peak below and check out our proposals for a football night with the guys.

Chicken wings

What football fan doesn’t like chicken wings? Regardless of the fact that you order them from the closest KFC or you make them yourself, chicken wings should not be missing from your table. They are delicious and offer the perfect nutritional value so you can have the power to support your favorite team.



The second best when it comes to men watching football and screaming for their team are meatballs. Delicious, small, and packed with nutrients and proteins, meatballs are the perfect snack to put right beside the chicken wings. Keep in mind to add some toothpicks too so you won’t have to stick your hand right in the pile.

Grilled sausages

Men need their meat and some sausages go great on the grill during summer. So, if you have a grill in your backyard, don’t deprive your friends of your culinary talents. Throw some sausages on the grill and add some barbeque spices to make things more interesting. You can also add a dip on the table.

Taco, Quesadilla, and Pizza


We put them together because they’re equally delicious and equally fit for football. However, you don’t have to serve all three at once. You can start with tacos and bring the pizza during the break. However, it’s best if you order these as they are better served hot and no one wants to go check on the oven when the game is on.

Stuffed mushrooms

Regardless of the stuffing you choose, mushrooms will definitely be appreciated. They are great as a side dish to all that meat and, not to mention, extremely delicious. Just try to find medium-sized mushrooms that fit in your mouth in one bite. It’s easier to eat them this way when your focus is on the TV.

Mozzarella sticks

If pizza didn’t arrive yet, Mozzarella sticks are amazing at taming down your hunger. Add a spicy dip to the mix and you’ve got yourself a killer combination.


Big or small, chicken or turkey, egg or tuna, sandwiches are always easy to prepare and delicious to eat. You can even bring the ingredients and let your friends put together their own sandwich. It’s as simple as that!

Superfoods: What They Are And What You Should Know About Them

If you’ve read a health-related article in the past few months, you definitely came across the term superfood. There’s a new one every 3 months or so and the world goes crazy over them. But what exactly are these superfoods and what are their qualities? Can they make us super-healthy or keep us younger-looking forever?

Well, the answer is a bit disappointing. These superfoods are nothing else but regular foods packed with a lot of nutrients that can help keep us healthy. However, they alone won’t be able to keep up with our modern lifestyle so we still need to exercise, keep diets, and pay attention to our health. But, according to studies, including them in our diet is a fantastic step to a healthier organism and brain. So, let’s see the superfoods we shouldn’t ignore.

Açai Berries

This small, purple berry from the rainforests of South America got the whole world’s attention when it reached the state of a superfood. It was praised to be extremely helpful in weight loss and anti-aging treatments. While it’s true that the fruit is packed tightly with antioxidants and oleic acid, the fruit won’t produce wonders for your skin and health overnight.

Even more, it is usually unavailable in fresh form. But, you can find it as powders, juices, or in a frozen state. The frozen berries are the only ones closer to their natural state as they don’t contain added sugar or preservatives.

Goji Berriesgoji

The Goji fruit was used at first by Chinese herbalists to treat poor circulation and help boost the immune system. This happens because Goji berries are high in Vitamin C and again, antioxidants. Sadly, they only grow in Tibet and Inner Mongolia, but you can find them in stores as dried up fruits or in drinks and powders.


This superfood is definitely not as delicious as the first two, but it’s just as healthy. Seaweed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (great for a healthy heart) and minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iodine) and offers a powerful boost for the immune system.

If you don’t like their general aspect (who does, anyway?) you can consume them in nori for sushi, dulse, hijiki, and kombu.

Chia Seedschia

These seeds grow in Mexico and are considered one of the healthiest superfoods. Even though much of their popularity is marketing, the Chia seeds earned their title as a superfood – they are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and fiber.

They are also great in replacing fish in your diet. Actually, they are quite delicious and make you think about nuts. So, if you don’t like fish, here’s your alternative!


This is definitely a superfood you don’t want to ignore! According to recent studies, certain phytonutrients found in Kale help prevent the occurrence of breast and ovarian cancers. It seems that certain compounds stimulate the liver in producing enzymes that fight cancer-causing substances, keeping the body healthy and protected.

So start munching!

Black beans

We all know them and there’s no special place where they grow. So you might even think they are quite boring. However, black beans were crowned as a superfood because they can easily replace meat in the diet. Even more, they bring all the benefits (protein, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and more) without the saturated fat. Pretty cool, right?

In the end, we can only tell you that the list of superfoods is extremely long. There are amazing foods out there that just wait for you to discover!

Emotional Freedom: What It Is And How To Achieve It

Emotional freedom is a form of maturity that is achieved with time and experience. Still, some of us manage to get free from an emotional point of view at early ages while others don’t have the chance to discover it at all.


So what is this freedom? Before we offer a definition let us ask you this: have you ever felt trapped by your own emotions? Be it guilt, anxiety, or depression, these are states induced by our emotions. When we feel alone in the world and feelings of sadness and pain invade our soul and mind, we become trapped in our own emotions. To get out of these situations, we must understand why we feel this way and what we can do to become free of this emotional baggage. In shorter terms, we have to learn how to deal with our emotions and how to let go when the situation requires it. Only this way we can achieve emotional freedom.

How to be responsible for your emotions

It’s important to know that you are the only one who can deal with your emotions. Sometimes you may need professional help, but in the end, you will be the one facing yourself.

The secret here is to embrace your negative emotions with compassion and kindness and remove the factors in your life that produce them. Regardless of the fact that it’s a failed romantic relationship or a painful connection with a member of your family, you must learn to let go. By releasing these painful feelings and cutting off the connection with them, we also learn what they were trying to tell us.

You achieve a state of emotional freedom when you understand why you felt pain and sorrow in relation to a certain aspect of your life. This also means you will achieve a certain level of maturity that will help you continue your life in a certain way.

What to eat before exercise

Many tend to skip the snack before workout because they feel it will make them heavy and slow in the gym. However, you should know that, when prepared correctly, the pre-workout meal can make wonders.

First, it’s just a snack and not an entire meal. We don’t want you sleeping on the treadmill! Second, this snack will supply you with enough energy to take your exercise’s intensity to a whole new level. Got curious? Take a look below and see what you should eat before hitting the gym.



Rich in vitamins, potassium and carbs that digest quickly, bananas are nature’s power bar. The high potassium levels are great for keeping muscles functions to the optimum levels and improving nerve functions during the exercise. The best part with bananas is that potassium doesn’t stay too long in the organism so, this small boost before workout is welcome.

You can either eat a medium banana with a cup of Greek yogurt or you can spread some peanut butter on a piece of toast and add banana slices on top. Just make sure to eat with 30 minutes before workout.


Filled with fiber and vitamin B, oats are the ideal food for a pre-workout snack. The fiber content is elevated enough to help release the energy gradually into the bloodstream but not too elevated to make you gassy. Also, the Vitamin B content is great for converting carbs into energy.

It is recommended to eat one cup within 30 minutes before workout.

Fruits combined with yogurt


This is the perfect combination of carbs and proteins! The carbs in fruits break down quickly and you can use their energy for the first half of your workout. Meanwhile, the proteins in the yogurt will start to kick in so you’ll have energy until the end. You can even make this combination your breakfast!

Whole bread

If there’s nothing else around, a slice of whole bread with jam or peanut butter on top can be the perfect pre-workout snack. The topping will help with getting more energy faster while the cereals in the bread will break down slower maintaining your rhythm.

In conclusion, the food you eat 30 minutes before workout can help you be more energetic and ready for action. You don’t have to eat heavy foods and you should avoid any chocolate or sweets – these are just sugar and you won’t get more than a quick adrenaline rush from them.

Nutrition advice for soccer players

If you want to become a great soccer player, you need to know that without a proper diet, your road will be very difficult. First of all, soccer is very demanding. It is an intense sport that requires agility, speed, and the possibility to think while on the move. Without the right fuel, your body won’t be able to handle all these and will crash.

So, you’ll need a diet to keep you powerful through training sessions and games. This means, calories, minerals, fluids, and vitamins. To get all these, you need to eat right and this is what we’ll going to discuss today.

Get your calories

Now it’s not the time to be thinking about your silhouette! With all the physical activity you’ll get you don’t have to worry about extra pounds. However, you must be careful where these calories come from. It’s important to make sure you fuel the body with healthy foods and that you get the necessary caloric intake. Specialists recommend that 60% of your calories should be from carbohydrates while less than 30% should come from fats. The rest should come from proteins.

Here are a few rules to follow for the right calorie intake:


  • Choose the least processed foods like vegetables, fruits, high fiber carbs, and whole grains. The less processing the food went through, the best.
  • Make sure your plate is filled with colors. Green, red, yellow, orange, white, all these colors should be on your plate with each meal. Mix and match to make sure you get the maximum of benefits.
  • Try to get your protein calories out of lean meat. This includes chicken, lean beef and pork, turkey, and other meats that don’t sustain that much fat.
  • Of course, you should consume fats, but only healthy ones. These include: nuts, olives, flaxseed, avocado, other natural oils, and so on.

Eat responsible

If you play soccer and live a more active live than most of the world, it doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want. Here is how to make sure you don’t overstep your boundaries:

  • Watch your weight rigorously – if you see you’re gaining weight, it’s time to trim the portions. On the other hand, if you’re losing weight, you should consider adding more carbs.
  • Don’t skip breakfast – I know, some specialists say it’s not a big deal. Still, for a soccer player it is! You need that boost of energy that only a healthy breakfast can offer.
  • Don’t indulge yourself with huge food portions. It’s better to eat smaller portions and get more meals in one day, than to eat a lot in one sitting.

Stay hydrated

This is one of the most important aspects! Hydration is the number one key to a lifetime of sports and activities. You need to drink lots of water and electrolyte beverages and avoid caffeine and alcohol during physically demanding activities.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be thirsty to drink water. If you are thirsty then you are already dehydrating and this will affect your performance!

Foods that make you sleepy?

You have trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s because you’re stressed at work or you’ve changed the bed. Whatever the reason, when you’re not getting enough sleep your body takes a powerful hit. But don’t reach for the pills yet; there are other methods to try first. For instance, did you know that a change in diet could help you out?

There are foods out there that make you feel sleepy so, eating them before bedtime may guarantee you catch some zzzzs.

Top foods that will help you sleep

Keep in mind that we are talking about foods that contain natural substances which induce sleep. We’re not talking about heavy meals that make you sleepy because your body is fighting hard to digest them.



These nuts are very healthy in general, and they are packed with magnesium and tryptophan. These induce a state of relaxation and steady the cardiac rhythm. According to recent studies, magnesium is necessary for a good night sleep. If the level is low, you might get asleep but you’ll have a hard time staying like this.


Yap, it’s a breakfast food but it can also be a good snack for dinner. The grains it contains trigger insulin production which leads a raised sugar level in the blood. This and the fact that oats contain melatonin make you sleepy and relaxed.


We all know that a glass of warm milk can send you directly into the world of dreams. However, if you don’t like milk, you have alternatives. It was found that most dairy products have this effect. The main culprit in this case is Calcium which stimulates the brain to produce melatonin. Also, Calcium is known to relax the muscles.

Still, you should keep your distance from smelly, hard cheese like Romano or Parmesan. These are rich in tyramine which will keep you awake.



It’s high in glucose and helps in telling your brain that it’s time to go to sleep. If one teaspoon of honey doesn’t work, you may try combining it with warm milk. This combination should work like a charm.


Yes, the enemy of all diets is great for a good night sleep. Foods like whole grain bread, pretzels, chips, and others will give you a short boost of energy. However, short is the main word here as after a while your blood sugar levels will drop and you’ll start to feel depleted of energy and sleepy.

In the end, a healthy diet and a life without stress should help you sleep like a baby every night.

Are berries good for your health?

Berries are among the most recommended foods by nutritionists and doctors everywhere but do you know why? First of all, they are delicious. But, most importantly, they are great in helping you lose weight, feel more energetic, and enjoy life to the fullest. They are nature’s health pill if you want.

blueberry berries


According to specialists, berries are so amazing because they have high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols which fight against cancer and cellular decay. Even more, it was recently discovered that berries have an important role in maintaining a healthy heart. But let’s see exactly why berries are so amazing for our health:

  • They keep you mentally active and sharp – it was proven that women who ate a size of berries per week had a more active mind in their old age. Even more, they managed to postpone cognitive decline in individuals with high risk.
  • Certain berries (blueberries and strawberries for instance) are great for your memory and heart. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, fibers, and Vitamin C and help widen the arteries allowing blood to flow free.
  • Recent studies show that berries may also prevent Parkinson on both men and women. They are rich in flavonoids and this helps in postponing if not preventing any effects of the disease.
  • They are great in diets and weight control because of their high fiber and water content. Berries can be easily combined with yogurts or cereals, increasing the Vitamin intake and boosting your energy.
  • Cranberries are amazing for your health (especially for women) as they help in preventing urinary tract infections and help increase HDL which is also known as good cholesterol.

As you can see, there is a wide range of health benefits from eating berries. Starting with a healthier heart, better blood flow, an improved memory and completing the cycle with better weight control, berries are nature’s gift to us.